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All requirements for renewable energy answered here.


Produce, Store and Consume

Our philosophy is one of total use and recycle.


Solar panel  P.V. installations,

CPSL specialise in non-domestic Solar PV installations from 10 kW to 1 MW. Whatever size of installation you require, whether roof (roof mounted systems do not normally require planning permission) or ground mounted, we can install.  We use only the highest quality panels and inverters and highly recommend the use of solar panel optimisers and micro inverters.  These not only increase the performance and efficiency of your panels but also offer a safer alternative to the high voltage risks that normal installations pose.  For more information click here

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Small wind turbines,

If you have the right location, wind turbines are a great way to generate renewable energy and possibly make yourself energy self-sufficient; whilst creating an income stream for the next 20 years from Feed in Tariffs.  However, not all turbines are the same.  You don’t just buy a turbine and put it up in the nearest field.  It is vitally important that you choose the correct turbine for your location.  Choosing the wrong turbine could double the payback time. 

Clean Power Solutions has a wide range of experience of all the major turbines available in this country and an unparalleled knowledge of which turbine is best for each location. Some work better in low wind speeds; some are better suited to more stormy locations.  All of them have to be connected to the National Grid and the power for export has to be matched to the available export capability of your location. You will probably have to get permission to connect to the local Grid.  Clean Power Solutions can help you get this permission and in fact we make the applications for you.

Clean Power Solutions offer the best service to match your needs to the correct turbine for you, your requirements, budget and location.  Clean Power Solutions can offer a full service of consultation to help you through the planning process to get your turbine application accepted by the local council and conduct any necessary reports and studies such as wildlife, Radar, bat, or noise surveys.   We can even help you find the best finance plan if you need finance. 

Clean Power Solutions offer a one-stop shop from your initial thought of having a wind turbine to turning on the lights and earning money.

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Energy storage systems,

We have created the Clean Power storage system that can connect any size generation to the Grid at G83/2. This power is then available to your site when renewable energy is not being produced.  This system can be containerised so that it can be delivered to your location or even airlifted to anywhere in the world to provide an instant self-contained power system using renewable energy and storing it for use when the wind is not blowing or the sun not shining.

Hydrogen production and storage,

We have created the revolutionary Smart Power Hydrogen system that can provide alternative fuel for your central heating and vehicles.   We are the UK agents for ActSpa Electrolysers. These are the only electrolysers specifically designed to work with the varying supply from renewable energy.  We are the UK agents for Giacomini Hydrogen central heating boilers.  These are the only Hydrogen central heating boilers in the world.     For more information click here 

Intelligent power supply

Clean Power Solutions and Smart Power have researched, designed and patented, over the past three years, a unique grid connection and smart grid solution. It is capable of handling the usual requirements of an inverter but can charge a battery bank, supply domestic or 3 phase power to the site, allow grid connection at G83/3, absorb reactive power, balance multiple phases, and control voltage rises, ALL AT THE SAME TIME.  It is modular and available as either 5 kW single or 15 kW 3 phase.  Whatever power demand you have, you simply add more units in a cascade system.  Larger units for Grid applications are being developed. For simpler and smaller installations, we recommend using the EMMA power control system.  This system restricts the export to the Grid within G83/3 requirements and keeps all the power on site by diverting the power to storage devices such as hot water or chillers.    Click here for more information      

Educational installations

Based upon pedagogic principles, we have developed a methodology to enable knowledge transfer to the student.  This is done to enhance the educational benefits to establishments that are thinking about installing renewable energy. We help the students develop the best solution for their campus. We help the schools, colleges and academies find funding solutions to enable them to benefit from renewable energy as quickly as possible.  These funding options include free installation, crowd funding, parent share options and low interest loans.  For more information click here 

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